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L1 & E2 Visa Immigration Lawyers

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Welcome to A Firm of Immigration Lawyers Who Get Your Needs
Because we are Also Business Lawyers

Why We Are Your First Choice For U.S Immigration Lawyers:

Riznyk & Company Has a Track Record of 34 Years of Winning Complex Cases. We Offer You:

1. Fair Pricing and Great Customer Service
2. A High-level, well-trained team
3. We are one of the few firms that handle both Immigration and Business Law
4. We train other Lawyers on Immigration
5. We have conducted seminars worldwide and can explain complex immigration in a way that you understand it

We are strategic. Call us (619-677-5727) and let's design a solution that works for you, successfully. Call now for a high-level consultation with an experienced immigration attorney. Other Types of Cases we Handle Include:

A. Green Card Marriage, also called I130/485 cases. This also refers to cases where children over 21 sponsor parents for Green Cards (the children must be US citizens to do this). Our immigration lawyers of course handle the K1 or fiancee visa.

B. E Visa, L Visa, and EB5 Green Card investor cases. As we are one of the few immigration firms that handle both business law (ie contracts, litigation, employment law) and immigration, we truly understand our business clients, as we think as they do.

C. EB1 Green Cards: extraordinary ability in business, arts, science, athletics, and education. (PS a simple high-level degree or the writing of a few papers is not enough).

D. H1b visas for various persons who are seeking a temporary position in the United States and have a 4-year degree or equivalent.

E. Green Cards based on employment, also called PERM cases, as well as EB3 and EB2 cases (depending on whether you have one or two degrees).

F. Waivers for persons with criminal records or other issues in the past that prevent them from obtaining a visa or Green Card, or even an entry in the United States. Some of these are referred to as 601 waivers, based on the form number, but many are referred to as 212 waivers, based on the immigration law (INA) that is preventing the entry.

G. Appeals of various types based on the denial, to the AAO, BIA, or even the Supreme Court of the United States.

H. VAWA Cases. These are cases wherein a foreign person has met someone from America for romantic possibilities, but then was abused. VAWA cases allow us to apply, under certain circumstances, for a Green Card for the person who was abused.


Satisfied Clients State:

Steven Riznyk, is unbelievable with the knowledge he has on Immigration. He is so kind and is a great listener, he genuinely wants to solve problems and help people. Steven is the best resource and ally a person could have. I would never consider taking to ANY OTHER IMMIGRATION ...
I worked with Steven Riznyk and his firm to file an H1B Petition a few years ago. I was extremely impressed with the quality of service and professionalism. They were always accessible and prompt in communicating with me throughout the process and always provided sound advice. My petition was ...
I am working with Steven Ryznik for our immigration matter. He is amazing and I can say that with confidence since I have met with numerous immigration lawyers and had two previous lawyers screwing up our case. He is very knowledgeable, returns calls within 10 minutes, in other ...
Absolutely wonderful. Was honest about my situation and didn't push me for services since I didn't need them. Helped me out with one question and didn't charge me.
Mr. Riznyk was very outgoing, professional and very considerate and compassionate. Handled my situation and i will never look for another attorney.
Probably the most informative 10 minute conversation I have ever had. I had some questions regarding the new h1b restrictions and it's impact on future physicians and Steve was able to spell it out for me in a very concise manner. I'm so happy I just decided to call, because ...
I never felt alone along the process. Whenever Mike or I had any confusion it was promptly cleared up by the lawyer’s office, by either the lawyer Steven Riznyk himself or his very capable and friendly assistant, Emily Butler. Many thanks for sticking with us throughout the application process. Since ...
sometimes there just aren't enough ways to say it. Thank you for being my guardian angel in a time of distress and misery. My words can't express my gratitude for your caring and kindness.
My rating pertains to the free phone consultation, it was a great experience. The attorney Steven Riznyk was very friendly, I felt like I could ask him anything about himself and his experience and credentials. He spent time with me on the phone and answered all my questions, I never ...



We have one of the highest success records in the world..We don't take on every case, only those we believe have a chance of winning.
If we accept your case, we intend to win it. We handle cases worldwide and in every state.

Call now: (619) 677-5727 or 1-877-223-4684 (Canada)
From London: 02033710984  

Our U.S. immigration law firm has successfully represented clients in the field of immigration law including foreign investors, multinational corporations, professionals, skilled workers, people of extraordinary ability, athletes, researchers, and family-based immigration matters.


Areas of Practice

H1B Employment Visas

H-1B Visa (also called H1) is for degreed persons in a Specialty Occupation. April 1st is the only day to apply.

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Employment Based Visas

EB-1 (priority workers), EB-2 (exceptional ability), EB-3 (professionals), EB-4 (special immigrants), EB-5 (investors).

More Info Here

K-1 Fiancé Visa

The K-1 visa allows for a fiancé(e) of a United States citizen to enter the U.S. for a maximum of ninety days.

Read More

E2 and L1 Investor Visas

We have created thousands of successful investor visa (E-2, L-1, EB-5 ) cases; call us to evaluate whether you qualify.

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Green Cards for Family

K3 visa is often called "green card through marriage". Caution to applicants, paperwork will take 6ix to eight months to process!

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EB5 Green Card Investor Visa

The EB5 is one possible solution for an investor Green Card, but offers many risks.

Investors Click Here


About Us

The lead attorney, Steven Riznyk, has over 34 years’ experience in business, immigration and litigation law. Mr Riznyk is an author and a worldwide speaker and leader on immigration and negotiation issues; he dedicates many hours training lawyers in both areas.

The team (which we no longer display as people keep trying to hire them away) is the best team he could compose after years of interviewing hundreds of people. The team has decades, not years, of experience with many complex issues and constantly updates its knowledge base. Riznyk and Company spends about $2,400 a month on legal research software, as we get that your future depends on what we can do for you. We realize this is your life you are entrusting to us; we respect the fact that your hopes and dreams depend on our work, and we take our responsibility seriously. As Mr Riznyk's first degree is is in biochemistry and genetics, he understands research and how to ascertain the big picture, but without missing out on the many minute details.

We love what we do and we have a passion for changing peoples’ lives. With our years of experience and knowledge, we know our clients deserve the best representation, at fair prices, with dedication, determination, and compassion.

Consultation: (617)677-5727 • From Canada toll-free: (877) 223-4684
• From England: 02033710984

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Immigration Lawyer Steven Riznyk



Areas of Specialization

immigration attorneyBusiness Immigration Law

Immigration laws for businesses, their employees, and entrepreneurs are a highly complex area of law. We have successfully represented both small and large corporations ranging from as little as 2 employees to multinational staffing levels. With our knowledge and expertise in business-related issues, we are able to strategize with you to ensure your vision of competing in the US market becomes a reality. We are one of the few firms in the U.S. that practice both immigration and business law and understand your needs. 

Family Immigration Law

Family is an area of immigration law that is overwhelmingly emotionally stressful. The forms may seem easy, but you also need to know the law and procedures that accompany them. A lot of clients make permanent mistakes in this area due to a lack of understanding of what they can and cannot do. Fiance visas, for example, have one of the highest denial rates of all the visa.  You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. Get it right the first time. 

E2 Immigration Law

If you are from a country which shares a treaty of navigation, friendship, and commerce with the United State, you may be eligible to enter the US with an investment as low as $150,000. There are a number of other requirements, but this area of law is fascinating and offers many opportunities. Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, Italy, and a host of other countries qualify. Watch our videos to learn more (on the investor page). This visa demands a lot less than the Eb 5 and is easier to obtain. 


"If We Can't Win Your Case, It Probably Can't Be Won"™