We are very easy to contact. You may call our operations line at (877) 223-4684 if you have a new case, update request, or other such matter. If you need to speak to the lead attorney, Steven Riznyk, you may call his direct line at (619) 677-5727.
He will always be your lead attorney on every case, regardless of who in the team is working on it, this way you have one contact who knows you and your work.  His direct line rings his cell as well.
Our office hours are 10-4 PST Monday through Thursday. However, if you need to contact us outside those hours, go ahead. If he is able to take your call, he will do so with pleasure.
If you are an email junkie, you may email him at or  fill out the contact form below. However, as he is on the phone most of the day, emails are a secondary priority. If the matter is urgent, we request you call.

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