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immigration lawyerOur prices are competitive, our service is world-class, and we take your case personally. Unlike many firms, we put two people – not one – on every case for you…the lead immigration lawyer and the lead paralegal, not junior staff.

No one in our immigration law division has been in the field for under a decade.  The lead attorney has been in the field 32 years, and the lead paralegal has been in the field for 20+ years.  These are people who will provide you with rapid, accurate answers to all of your questions. We know this is a difficult time for you and we want to make it an easier time for you by answering all of your questions and helping you with all of your concerns. Moreover, if we are filing an immigration appeal because you had an immigration denial, then things are even harder for you. We understand how you’re feeling as lawyers and as fellow human beings. We spend a lot of time and money updating our education for you so that we can be on the slicing edge of this challenging area of law.

Feel free to call our competitors and ask them if they subscribe to Westlaw…the most powerful, but arguably most expensive immigration-case database on the planet.
If you have recently had an immigration visa denial, or a Green Card denial, call us immediately. When you are facing an immigration denial, time is critical as you normally only have 30 days. If you miss a deadline in immigration it is hard to have it overlooked so better to play it safe.
Many people are referred to our firm by their friends, other immigration lawyers, even government officials, and the immigration department. We are one of the top U.S. immigration law firms in the world.

Qualities of a Great Immigration Law Firm


There are two sub-issues to service: first, how rapidly does your immigration lawyer return your calls? Second, do you speak to a junior attorney or a senior immigration attorney and who handles your case?  The lead immigration lawyer in our firm, Steven Riznyk is the point of contact for all clients. We never take on more clients than we can comfortably take care of.

We operate 24 hours a day. We are the “trauma center” for immigration cases in the US. All cases are handled by California licensed attorneys. However, they won’t work a midnight shift, but they ‘will’ work in Europe. This means we are reachable earlier than most anyone in the US (try us anytime, day or night; if an immigration lawyer is available, he or she will pick up the phone)

Persuasive AbilityImmigration Lawyer

Any good, intelligent, detail-oriented high-level immigration attorney can research the law thoroughly. Anyone who isn’t an attorney can present it. The big difference is the immigration lawyer who can ‘sell’ it. Persuasive ability. Many immigration cases are lost not because the law wasn’t well researched, but because the position wasn’t persuasive enough to convince someone of the client’s position. Selling is not hard selling; it is negotiating a position.
Steven Riznyk was an international attorney and high-level negotiator before he spent so much time on immigration. He was hired to deal with international kidnappings, extortion, blackmail, and marital disputes for high-level people in the country. It is this ability you receive at no extra charge. We go to great lengths to humanize you to the immigration officers. All of our case files are ordered by your first name, not last. Why? We know you are a person and this is your life, your family’s life, and your future that you have entrusted to us. We get it. We respect it.


Legal Research

This is the easy (but laborious) part for us. We have brilliant legal minds working for us. It takes 500 resumes for us to choose one staff member. There are 2 ways of conducting research. One way is to buy a law book and quote the laws in it. That’s easy but not tailored to ‘your’ needs. The other way is to use a comprehensive online database such as Westlaw or Lexis and speed-read 1500 cases for an issue to come up with 2 or 3 that really support you. It takes more time but it wins cases. For example, the E2 investment visa requires an investment. There is no number in the law but $100,000 works. We had a client with a $30,000 investment. Our research found the case and 2 days before December 25th she got her Christmas present early and won. That’s what we mean.

How do your other choices of immigration attorney compare to us? There are many great immigration lawyers out there, and if you haven’t found the right one, consider us. We have four inches of Thank You letters… there’s a reason people take the time to do that. Call us first and ‘you’ decide. Our prices are fair and reasonable; some cases allow for payment plans…what more can we do for you? Let us know.

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