Immigration Waivers and Appeals

We are often asked by our clients what the difference is between being inadmissible and deportable. Someone who is in this country, under certain circumstances can be asked to leave, and that is deportation. Someone who is outside this country trying to enter could be inadmissible (previously called excludable). This means that if you have a Green Card, each time you re-enter the country you are seeking admission. If you have a criminal record, it could prevent you from entering. It that is the case with you, visit or call us immediately, especially if you intend to travel. [call 1-877-223-4684 or 214-764-3462]. The same rule applies to people who are Entering Without Inspection (EWI); these people are subject to all of the laws of admissibility. Entering Without Inspection, or being an EWI means that you entered the United States illegally).

This area of the law can be quite complex. For example, if you left America but did not enter a new country, you are not seeking readmission (let's say you rented a boat and left the continent but only went fishing). Another example is a person who leaves America but for some reason is not admitted to Canada, that person has not left the United States and therefore does not seek readmission, avoiding the triggers of a person seeking readmission.

There are many grounds of inadmissibility (Inadmissibility means that you cannot enter the country whereas deportation is where you entered and they are aksing you to leave) and these are the ones we are called about the most.

Immigration Waivers and Appeals

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