Denial of Fiancee Visa

Denial of Fiancee Visa may occur, due to lack of evidence, insufficient finances, inadmissibility of Denial of Fiancee Visayour future spouse, or other reasons.
In these circumstances, you will receive a denial of Fiancee Visa letter, including instructions for appealing this decision. Usually you must appeal within one month. You must file your appeal with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS), using Form I-290B. The office that denied your fiancé visa will review your appeal. Keep in mind that you must pay a fee along with filing Form I-290B. The appeal will then pass to the Administrative Appeals Unit (AAU) for review.
Your fiancée visa lawyer can help you prepare a strong case for the appeal, invoking immigration law and using precedents to demonstrate that your future spouse should receive a K-1 visa.
Consultation: (877) 223-4684 From outside the US: (619) 677-5727 From Canada: (877) 223-4684.  All numbers go to the same line. From Italy: 0689385848, and  From England: 2033710984

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