USCIS Interview

Both you and your spouse must attend a final interview with a USCIS official. The primary purpose of the USCIS interview is to demonstrate the validity of your marriage. Immigration officials seek to establish firmly that you are living together and are in a real relationship. You may be interviewed separately and asked personal questions about each other, as USCIS may suspect that your marriage is a hoax, concocted so your spouse can obtain a green card.USCIS Interview Lawyer
You may also be asked to present concrete evidence of the legitimacy of your marriage during your USCIS interview. Evidence may include the following:

  • Photographs of you and your spouse together that show you spending time with friends, going on vacation, and other activities that depict you as a married couple
  • Your marriage certificate
  • Statements of bills you have paid together, such as rent, utilities, or the purchase of property or other items
  • Travel documents from trips you have taken together, such as plane tickets

USCIS Interview
Your fiancée visa lawyer and immigration lawyer can help both of you prepare for the interview. Be aware that USCIS will conduct thorough background checks on both of you beforehand. You are advised to conduct as much preparation as possible and obtain professional advice to avoid stumbling and causing USCIS officials to question the validity of your marriage. If all goes well, at the end of the USCIS interview your spouse can receive a green card.
Keep in mind that in some circumstances, your spouse can still obtain LPR status if you have divorced during the two year period before he or she has conditions removed. However, you will require a skilled fiancé visa lawyer, or an immigration attorney, to negotiate this complex situation.
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