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Investor Visa Lawyer

Over 90% of our work involves the investor visas: the E visa, the L visa, and the EB5, of which the E and L visas account for most of the legal cases.


The E2 visa is a wonderful visa for many people, especially those who do not require Green Cards or want to remain here with a person they don't want to marry for example but want to live with. For others, is a great way to spend some quality time in the United States. For the e2 visa, you need to be from a treaty country. The most popular countries are Canada, Mexico, and Western European nations as well as Australia, but there are many more, so check the list and ascertain if your country is listed.

This E2 visa allows you to enter the U.S. quite rapidly with an investment of as little as $150,000, and sometimes you can go as low as $100,000 but I think it is better not to. This investment must be made before you apply for your E2 visa (ie they want receipts). You are able to start your own company, purchase an existing company, or purchase a franchise. If your E2 visa is issued at any embassy or consulate, they can provide you with up to 5 years the first time.  The E2 can be renewed for many years as long as you have a mental intent to return to your country of origin at some unknown time in the future.

The L1 visa is a sibling of the E2 but with a few major distinctions. The L1 visa is only for persons who work for or own a company in another country. The company should be operational with staff, and your role must be that of a decision-maker at a high level (which most company owners already are), or a high-level manager (ie manage people with degrees).

Unlike the E2 visa, which can be renewed for decades, the L1 has two fuses: 7 years for the persons described above and 5 years for persons who have specific skills that you require; we will not be concerned with the second category at this time. The managers and executives are able to apply for a Green Card after they have had their L1 visa for a year. This characteristic distinguishes the E2 from the L1.

In order to qualify for an L1 visa you do not need to be from a treaty country; just as with the EB5 Green Card, you can be from any country in the world, but you must own or work for a company in the foreign country that intends to keep its operations there, otherwise, you are not an international manager or executive, you are just national.

Both visas are wonderful vehicles with which to enter the United States. Both require you to have a business plan with 3 years of financial projections. Both of them require a lot of advanced planning so you get all the steps right. You can open a company as an LLC or a corporation, but a corporation receives double taxation and foreigners do not qualify for what is called a subchapter-S corporation. Enjoy a further discussion by watching our videos, and learn more about these beautiful methods of entering the United States.

Our law firm has been handling L1 Visa and E2 visa immigration for over  34 years. We are part of the under 1% of firms in the nation that practice both immigration law and business/litigation law.; we are half and half,  We understand your business needs. Our lead attorney, Steven Riznyk, has been in business since age 13 and attends many business seminars every year. He studied Strategic Management at Harvard and was a Fortune 500 consultant in Business Process re-Engineering.

Our immigration lawyers create E2 and L1 visas not only for the public, but for over 80 immigration firms nationwide. We train lawyers and can help you. We operate in the US and the UK and preparing these cases 24 hours a day (Our phones only work during PST though; GMT-8) with high-level, California licensed attorneys. We know this area of law very well as we are one of the few law firms that are half business law and half immigration law. Whether you are a one-person firm looking to open a company in the United States under the e2 visa, or a multi-national expanding to the US, we have been there and done that, and can help you too.

If you are seeking an immigration law firm that is knowledgeable, fast, affordable, and understands your needs, then you have found the right firm. We are one of the fastest processing immigration law firms in the country; the average time is 2 weeks from when you send us everything we require. Part of the reason we can be so fast is that when the US operation sleeps, the British one works, and vice versa, providing you the lightning fast service you depend on to keep your business running.

Feel free to watch one of our many videos on E2 visa and L1 visa options; we also prepare EB5 cases of course. We have conducted seminars worldwide on immigration and were one of the first law firms to do so. We know how to explain this complexs area of law in such a way that it makes sense to you, and you can work with it.

Call today for one of the most comprehensive consultations you will ever have at 1-877-223-4684 from Canada or (619) 677-5727 from the U.S. or anywhere in the world. If you prefer, call us for our WhatsApp number, we cannot place it on our web site for obvious reasons.

"I am working with Steven Riznyk for our immigration matter. He is amazing and I can say that with confidence since I have met with numerous immigration lawyers and had two previous lawyers screwing up our case. He is very knowledgeable, returns calls within 10 minutes, in other words he gets down to business. If you want to save your self money and headache hire Steven Riznyk. You will not regret it. This man has TALENT!!!!"-Vicky P.

Each client is assigned not one person, but two high-level immigration team members: the senior attorney and the senior paralegal, with respectively, 33 and 23 years of experience.  Our firm is one of the 1% in the United States to combine a business law firm (SanDiegoBizLaw.com)  and an immigration law firm; We can offer you so much more expertise than just immigration.

Wondering which investor visa is best for you? Take a look at our pages on the menu above, or click on the following links to learn about E VISASL VISAS, and EB5s.

Steven Riznyk, the lead attorney, lived in Rome for a year 11 years ago, in 2009, in an effort to open an office in Italy. Although he spoke the language 80% fluently, the experience taught him to really understand what people are going through when opening up in another country. We really get how difficult it is for you to start a business in a new country with new rules. You have many questions, we have the answers. We try to predict your questions, so hopefully you won't have to ask for everything you require; we will try and guide you through this wonderful and exciting journey.

We made a presentation to a group of realtors who deal with foreign investors and had to create a PowerPoint presentation;and you are most welcome to view and download it for yourself. It explains the differences between the 3 investment vehicles available.

Investor Visa Lawyer

"I've started an immigration procedure and became a citizen last year. The advices were consistently helpful throughout the entire process. Very good experience with the professionals who knows the law."-Vinc D.

E2 Visa and L1 Visa Lawyers: Services We Offer at No Extra Charge to Immigration Investor Clients

No extra charge for family member petitions for investor visas

We will prepare the work for FREE, you only cover filing fees to the government, when you are filing a Treaty Trader E1, Treaty Trader E2, Intracompany Transferee L1, or EB5.

No extra charge for reviewing and commenting on your business plan if you created it yourself

The business plan you create for your banker is not the same one that you will use for the immigration department (USCIS). The goals are different and you will need to provide the information they require. If you create a bad plan, this will delay your case and cost you more money, so best to provide them with what they need in advance.

E2 Visa Lawyer : Legal consultation with our senior attorney

Call now and be instantly connected with the most senior. In many firms you call and speak to the head of the firm once, and when you hire the firm you discover that your case has been "transferred" to a junior. Moreover, in many firms the paralegal conducts the legal research. Not here. Only the highest level research attorneys with a minimum of 10 years' research experience do that. This is your life and future at stake and we get it!


Investor Visa Lawyer

"I worked with Steven Riznyk and his firm to file an H1B Petition a few years ago. I was extremely impressed with the quality of service and professionalism. They were always accessible and prompt in communicating with me throughout the process and always provided sound advice. My petition was completed on time and was approved with no issues. I am very appreciative of their work and highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal assistance."-Mina N.

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