Evidence of Financial Support

Fiancé visa applicants may be turned away due to a lack of evidence of financial support. The US Embassy or Consulate where your fiancée is interviewed will not grant him or her a K1 visa if officials suspect the individual will become a burden on US taxpayers.
Evidence of Financial Support LawyerIn order for your fiancée to complete the K-1 visa interview successfully, he or she must bring evidence of financial support. This proof can consist of evidence that your fiancée has the qualifications to obtain a well-paying job in the US, or already has the connections required to secure a job. Additional proof may include sufficient savings or inheritance that will allow your fiancée to live independently without government aid.
Proof can also consist of evidence of financial support, the American citizen can financially support your fiancée. To prove this, your immigration attorney may need to submit Form I-134: Affidavit of Support, and Form I-864: Affidavit of Support Under Section 213a, to the Consular Officer.
An affidavit demonstrates to the Consular Officer that you, the American citizen fiancée, can financially support the foreign fiancée in the US, in order for him or her to obtain a K1 visa. In proving that you can support your spouse, your income must be at least 100 percent of (or equal to) the federal poverty guideline. This guideline changes often. Your fiancé visa lawyer can help you access the most recent figures. Keep in mind that when you apply for adjustment of status, your combined income will need to be 125 percent of the federal poverty guideline, meaning one-fourth higher.Evidence of Financial Support Lawyer
Your fiancé visa lawyer will help you predict what evidence will be necessary to demonstrate financial stability, and can help you and your fiancée compile all necessary documentation. For a consultation from our immigration attorney and immigration lawyer please call the number provided below.
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