Reentry After Deportation

We receive a lot of calls regarding ReEntry after Deportation. If you were excluded, deported, removed, or even denied admission, do not re-enter. Likewise, if you left on your own accord while a deportation, exclusion or removal order was in process, you could face 2 years and a $1,000 fine.

ReEntry After DeportationIf this was after you had committed 3+ misdemeanors that involved drugs, crimes against persons, or any combination, or a felony, it is 10 years. If, after an aggravated felony(careful, the list of what is considered an Aggravated Felony is growing), then it is 20 years. Regardless of the severity of the offenses we can help you in all aspects of immigration law including immigration waivers and immigration appeals. In addition, you cannot be charged under this section (8USC § 1326) unless you were physically deported. But, they can actually get you for making an entry past the 12-mile limit! If you are just trying to make an attempt in front of an officer, then that is different.

And...if you're the hunter-type and have firearms..and are here illegally, you cannot possess one. Period. Although immigration waivers and appeals may help certain convictions, it is wise to avoid possessing a fire arm. Also, if you use someone else's social security card, it is a ground of deportation and five years of prison can await you. 42 USC §408(a)(7)(B). You Green Card holders know that under 8 USC §1304(e) it is a misdemeanor not to keep a Green Card with you at all times...guess what...these offenses can lead to inadmissibility. Finally, those of you who think you can marry someone for immigration in order to walk easy street, not only is marriage fraud a deportable offense, but you face imprisonment of up to five years, a fine of $250,000 PLUS alimony! For your first offense. 18 USC §1325(c).