Why Pursue a K1 Visa

The hassle, expense, and wait times associated with obtaining a fiancée visa, as well as many other visa types, may cause some couples hoping to start their lives together in the US to look for alternatives. However, the K1 visa is the most direct route to accomplishing this goal, and no legal shortcuts exist. With the help of an experienced fiancé visa lawyer, you can minimize delays and complete the process efficiently.
Attempting to bring your fiancée to the US to live permanently through means other than the K1 visa can result in serious repercussions. USCIS may view circumventing the legal method of getting a fiancée visa as immigration fraud. If your fiancée is caught in the US without this visa, or if you get married in the US without utilizing a K1 visa, your fiancée may face the following consequences:Why Pursue a K1 Visa Lawyer

  • Deportation
  • Jail time of up to five years
  • Up to $10,000 in fines
  • Denial of future immigration privileges, even if pursued through legal means

Even if you are not caught immediately, hiding illegal immigration status can prevent your fiancée or spouse from obtaining essential benefits within the US, like getting a drivers license, being able to work, and permission to travel in and out of the country.
Given the consequences, jumping through the legal hoops required to obtain a fiancé visa can seem like a minor inconvenience, especially when you hire a skilled K1 visa lawyer to complete the majority of the work.
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