International K3 Visa Lawyers

Consultation: (877) 223-4684 From outside the US: (619) 677-5727 From Canada: (877) 223-4684.  All numbers go to the same line. From Italy: 0689385848, and  From England: 2033710984
People all over the world are meeting, be it on vacation or the Internet. We receive many people asking us about the marriage Green Card as they call it, and the K3 Visa. We will explain the scenarios here for you.
K3 VisaThe first two options are the fiancee visa, or the marriage Green Card, as everyone calls it. If you meet someone in a foreign country and then want to consider a permanent relationship, the easiest thing to do is to file for a fiancee visa. This visa allows the person to visit you for a 3-month period. You can live together, and if you decide to spend the rest of your lives together, the foreign person can remain in the United States and apply for the marriage Green Card while in the United States, and then live her permanently. After three years the person can apply for U.S. Citizenship
The second option, is that if you meet someone in a foreign country and you know that you would like to marry that person, you can go to their country, or any country other than  the United States, and if it is a legally recognized marriage, you can exchange vows and then file for the marriage Green Card while you, the US citizen, is in the United States. You cannot bring the person back with you.
1. Let’s say you have a childhood sweetheart and that person lives in a foreign country. You can go there and marry him or her, as stated above, but the paperwork will take 6-8 months to process before the person can return to the United States.
2. The second situation is where the  foreign person is on vacation and meets you. The two of you decide that you will spend the rest of your lives together. In this case, as the foreign person did not enter with the intent of remaining, he or she can stay here while the paperwork is being processed. The key is to file the paperwork before the person’s legal status expires.
1. Once the case is filed, in 30-60 days the foreign person will receive a work permit. This allows the person to work wherever they like, as well as open a bank account, obtain a driver’s license, and so on.
2. The person at the same time as the EAD (=work authorization) will receive what is called an “Advance Parol”. This document allows the person to travel and return. (One can always leave the US, it’s returning that’s the hard part). NOTE: People who file their cases without a lawyer often call us because they leave, thinking the Advance Parol will let them back in. Sadly, if they are out of status, they will be trapped. They will now have to wait outside the country for embassy processing, which can easily take 6-12 months, depending on the country. Even worse, if the person was out of status when they left for 6 months, there will be a 3-year bar imposed, and if they were out of status for a year or more, a 10-year bar will be imposed.

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