U.S. Citizenship Lawyers

With the recent changes in immigration law, especially Presidential Order 13768, more people than ever are applying for U.S. citizenship and naturalization. Our almost 30 years of experience can help you
We have been handling citizenship cases for almost 30 years, and are experienced not only with naturalization and citizenship cases, but also special and complex situations where people may have criminal records or other issues that affect citizenship. We deal with waivers on a regular basis.
There are many reasons to become a citizen, but the most important ones are that you love the country and want to be a part of it. However, there are other reasons that are important:

  1. Under Presidential Order 13768, it is a priority to remove anyone with a criminal record in the United States. If you have a criminal record, expungement does not help for immigration purposes. If you qualify for citizenship, you will no longer be at risk, especially if you have made America your home, and you have to make a flight outside the country, as without a solution, you will not be able to re-enter with a criminal record.
  2. You may want to vote, and determine the future of the United States. Only a U.S. citizen can vote.
  3. If this is your home and you want to sponsor your relatives,  the procedure is not only faster, but in many cases, you cannot even file as a Permanent Resident. For example, you cannot file for a brother or sister (even though the waits are very long). Additionally, if you want to sponsor your parents, you cannot do that if you are a Permanent Resident, you must be a citizen.
  4. Filing for a foreign fiancee/e. If you are a Permanent Resident and you fall in love with someone outside the country, you are unable to file for that person unless  you marry him or her. In that case, you could be waiting for 2 years rather than 8 months to be together. When you have a new relationship, that could be fatal.