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The L1 visa has had a resurgence of popularity due to the fact that many people who applied for E visas later decided they l-1visa lawyerwanted to remain in America, but it does not allow for a Green Card application. The L1 visa, on the other hand, allows you to apply to the highest Green Card category one year later and receive one about a year after that. It is not hard for someone to enjoy the weather in San Diego and decide this is a lovely city in which to live.
The L1 visa has, with time, however, become the hardest visa to obtain we have found (as we don’t only conduct cases for the public, but for 80 other immigration law firms as well). The government is challenging L1 visas more than we have ever witnessed in our past 26 years conducting L1 visa cases.
L1 Visa LawyerMore than ever, it’s important to have a rock-solid case and a business plan that explains in detail what you want to do and how you will do it.  In its simplest form, an L1A requires you to be a high-level manager or executive (the decision-maker) . The company must have a branch anywhere in the world and must open a branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in the United States. Something that many people do not know about the L1 visa is that you can own a restaurant in the foreign country, for example, and open up a manufacturing facility here, or a dental office; the 2 businesses do not have to be related and your education and background are not important…what is important for the L1 visa is what the investment is as well as what your plan of execution is.
We could write a book here on all the variations we have faced in the last 26 years, but what we suggest is that you call us, so that we can answer your questions specifically as they apply to your situation, and to any challenges you may face with your L1 visa in San Diego. Call us at (619) 677-5727 and receive a high-level consultation that will clarify all of the concerns you have.

Our Firm is Different Than Most

L1 Visa Lawyercorporate-immigration-lawyersOur firm is different than most in that we do not only conduct immigration law, but we also conduct all aspects of business law (see SanDiegoBizLaw.com), so we really get your goals and what you are trying to achieve. We can assist you with writing your business plan, preparing your incorporation or LLC, and even your contracts. Additionally, we are the first firm in the country to combine a business law firm with a management consulting firm. Our L1 Visa Lawyers are perfectly positioned to help you with all of the challenges your business may face, and to help you grow as rapidly as possible, with our in-house capabilities, as well as our over 3,500 contacts that can help you in many aspects of running a business. Starting a business in a foreign country is never easy, and we will make it as simple as possible for you.
We are easy to find in San Diego, behind the La Jolla Marriott, at the corner of La Jolla Village Drive and Genesee; you can take the 5 or the 805 to reach us at 4225 Executive Square, Suite 600, La Jolla, CA, 92037, across from the UTC mall.