Fees for Obtaining a Fiance Visa

Fees for obtaining a Fiance visa can be somewhat costly, and often requires financial planning to complete successfully. Prepare to pay at least the following fees during the process of obtaining a fiancee visa:

  • Fees for medical examination and, if necessary, vaccinations; these generally range from $100 to $200, and can differ depending on your fiancee’s home country
  • Fees that accompany filing certain forms, such as Form I-129F for a K1 visa,  which is generally accompanied by a $340 fee
  • Additional forms that may be accompanied by fees include Form DS-156, application for a non-immigrant visa, and Form I-485 for adjustment of status to LPR, after your future spouse has entered America with a fiance visa
  • Fees owed to the US Embassy or Consulate for processing your K-1 are generally $350
  • Translation fees, if necessary, to convert all required documents and evidence to English
  • Imigration attorney fees: keep in mind that the services of your fiancée lawyer can save you substantial time and money in the long run
  • Transportation costs, both for you fiancée’s  trip to the US, and if travel is required to reach the US Consulate or Embassy for the K1 visa interview

 Fees for Obtaining a Fiance Visa LawyerFees for obtaining a fiance visa are subject to change. Your fiancé visa lawyer, or immigration attorney will help you access up-to-date fee data as you conduct financial planning before submitting your K-1 visa petition.
You may encounter unexpected costs during the process of obtaining a K-1, and should therefore budget extra money. For example if your fiancée is planning to bring his or her children to the US, discussed in detail later, plan to cover separate fees for the application and medical examination of each child. Therefore, it is advisable that you contact our immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers as soon as possible.
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