EB5 Regional Center Investment Advice

Investing in a regional center may be an attractive path to obtaining an EB-5 green card. But without consulting the appropriate experts, you run the risk of losing your investment.
To ensure that the program you invest in satisfies the requirements for the EB5 investor visa EB5 Regional Center Investment Advice Lawyerprogram, it is advisable to employ an immigration lawyer, as well as an accountant, or a full accounting firm, to evaluate your potential investment.
You are also advised to consult a business lawyer with experience in immigration to ensure an EB5  regional center investment opportunity is sound.

Consulting an Accountant and Immigration Lawyer about Regional Center Investment

When selecting an accountant to examine your EB5 regional center investment, opt for an individual or firm with experience working with immigrant investors. Ideally, your accountant should have experience with investors from your home country seeking to relocate to the US.
It is important that your accountant examines the likelihood that you will receive your investment back, given that the security of your investment is not guaranteed by the US government or any other entity. Make sure your accountant understands that since regional centers are often located in areas with poor economic performance and high unemployment, you do not expect a high return on your investment.
Your immigration lawyer and accountant will work together to use an econometric model to determine whether or not a certain regional center is likely to fulfill USCIS job-creation requirements. Your accountant and immigration attorney will also extrapolate whether or not you are likely to lose your investment capital, and fail to obtain a green card through the EB-5 investor visa program.
EB5 Regional Center Investment Advice LawyerYour immigration attorney can also help you determine whether the regional center you choose will refund your investment if you are denied an EB5 green card. Most regional centers will only consider a refund if USCIS denies your EB-5 green card because of a flaw in the project, or because of a fault of the regional center. Regional centers will rarely return your investment if your EB-5 visa was denied because USCIS uncovered a criminal record or could not successfully establish that your funds came from legitimate sources, or if you failed to invest a sufficient amount.
It is important that you and your immigration lawyer learn these details before you invest a regional center, as some may not offer a refund in any circumstances.
Consulting the expert advice of an immigration lawyer and accountant before choosing a regional center for your EB5 investment can help you avoid disastrous results, since different regional centers experience different levels of success in fulfilling EB-5 requirements.

Consulting a Business Attorney on Regional Center Investment

The structure of every regional center is different. The one you choose may have a limited liability structure, or it may be a limited partnership. The regional center in which you invest to obtain your EB-5 green card will draw up a subscription agreement that you should examine carefully with the help of a business lawyer. Choose a business attorney who is also experienced in the field of immigration.
Your business lawyer can explore the backgrounds of the directors of the regional center you have chosen for your EB5 regional center investment. Protect yourself by ensuring that the directors of the regional center have not been sued by previous investors, and have not faced criminal charges.  Seeking the advice of a business lawyer will protect you in making an important and potentially costly EB5 regional center investment.
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