Why Participate in EB5 Program

An immigration lawyer can thoroughly explain the many EB5 investor visa benefits you stand to enjoy if your EB-5petition is approved. The most obvious is your new ability to live, work and retire anywhere in America, as your permanent residence and eventual citizenship will come with permits for travel and work. You can also petition for visas for family members, including those who are not considered derivates.
There are many additional EB5 investor visa benefits that potential immigrants may not be aware of.
It is possible to fulfill the EB-5 green card requirements without taking on a significant amount of work, or committing yourself to day-to-day business operations of a new enterprise, due to the option of investing in a regional center.
You don’t need to be sponsored by a company or family member to obtain an EB5 green card; instead, you can invest your own money in the EB-5 program, eliminating additional steps, giving you more control of your situation, and making the process more efficient.

Efficiency and Other EB5 Investor Visa Benefits

Expediency is an additional benefit of obtaining an EB5 green card. While many people applying for visas and green cards must endure backlogs and delays, the EB-5 program is traditionally underused and therefore has no backlog, eliminating potential years of waiting, which you may encounter if you pursue immigration options other than the EB-5 green card. Similarly, once you have completed all EB5 requirements and successfully petitioned to have the conditions removed from your green card, you will not have to renew your non-conditional EB5 green card, or go through additional application processes.
Unlike other immigration options, the EB-5 investor visa program does not require immigrants to have a job offer or certification to work in the US to obtain permanent resident status, eliminating significant hassle.
You are likely to encounter additional EB5 investor visa benefits based on your unique financial and personal situation. Talk to your immigration attorney about how to get the most out of the EB5 investor visa program.

Obtaining Citizenship through the EB-5 Investor Green Card

When a person who was not born in the US pursues citizenship, this is called naturalization. You can become a naturalized US citizen once you have had an EB-5 green card for five years, as long as you remain a US resident during that time and satisfy all citizenship criteria.
EB5 Program LawyerYou can even pursue naturalization while you hold a conditional green card, after your EB-5 investor visa petition is approved. Keep in mind, however, that although you may apply to become a naturalized US citizen while your EB5 green card is still conditional, you are unlikely to become naturalized until after your successful completion of the EB-5 program, leading to the removal of these conditions.
If you are considering applying for an EB-5 green card, talk to your immigration lawyer, who can determine whether you are an ideal candidate, and can help deduce which EB5 investor visa benefits you can expect to reap.
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