EB5 Regional Center Information

The EB5 Regional Center

Consultation: (877) 223-4684 From outside the US: (619) 677-5727 From Canada: (877) 223-4684.  All numbers go to the same line. From Italy: 0689385848, and  From England: 2033710984
Investing in a regional center has several advantages. The job quota required to receive your EB-5 visa can be filled by jobs created directly and indirectly. The number of jobs created through your investment in a regional center will be determined using econometric models, or industry job multiplier statistics.EB5 Regional Center Lawyer
An investment in a regional center can also require less involvement on the part of the EB5 applicant. You also stand to gain income from the monthly operations of the regional center you choose to invest in, as well as appreciation if the enterprise is sold after you complete the terms of the EB-5 program.
If you invest in a regional center, Congress has given USCIS permission to prioritize your application, as 3,000 visas are reserved for investors who choose regional center and TEAs.
Your immigration lawyer can help you assess investment opportunities, along with your personal finances and interests, in deciding if regional center investment is the right choice in pursuing your EB5 green card.
EB5 Regional CEnter Information:
Regional Center EB5 Investment Approval: The Role of Your Immigration Attonrney
Your immigration attorney plays a key role in gaining approval for your EB-5 investment in a regional center. You must submit documents to USCIS detailing the regional center project in which you have invested in order to participate in the EB-5 investor visa program. It is your immigration lawyer’s responsibility to preview the paperwork shared between an investor and a regional center, and to determine if forms and documentation meet USCIS standards for obtaining an EB5 green card. Your immigration lawyer will collect these documents and help you prepare and submit them properly to USCIS.
EB5 Regional Center Lawyer
Your immigration lawyer will collect several important documents from the regional center project in which you choose to invest. Your immigration lawyer will obtain the regional center’s most recent letter of approval, through which the government acknowledges that the enterprise has fulfilled all of the requirements to become a regional center, and submit this form along with your I-526 petition.
Your immigration attorney will also collect documents detailing the regional center project in which you will invest. The regional center must also provide documented proof that you have signed a subscription agreement with the regional center, have become a limited partner or member, and that the project has received your investment. Like any EB-5 investment opportunity, you will require bank statements from the regional center, demonstrating the deposit of your investment. You will also need to submit your own bank statements, indicating a withdrawal or transfer corresponding to this deposit.
The regional center will also provide a report created by an economist using a preferred econometric system, demonstrating that the program in which you have invested will meet EB-5 requirements for direct and indirect job creation.
EB5 Regional Center Information
If you make your EB-5 investment in a regional center that has already been selected by other successful EB5 investors,USCIS is more likely to scrutinize the source of your funds than to pick apart the details of the regional center project. However, USCIS has been known to find issues with projects they previously approved. Even if others have gained EB-5 green cards by investing in a certain regional center project, you are not guaranteed an EB5 green card for investing in the same project. A skilled immigration lawyer is essential in ensuring you have adequately demonstrated a legal source for all of your funds and that documents detailing the regional center project you select are completed and filed correctly with USCIS.

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