EB5 Tax Adjustment

Approval of your EB-5 investor visa will also result in EB5 tax adjustment, the results of which may vary for every individual.
As soon asEB5 tax adjustment you receive your EB5 investor visa, you become a conditional permanent US resident. You will undergo EB5 tax adjustments and changes in the rates you are accustomed to paying. For this reason you are advised to hire an accountant to help you navigate the complications that may ensue as you combine new tax laws with those of your home country.
When selecting an accountant to help you understand EB5 tax adjustment, opt for an individual or firm with experience working with immigrant investors. Ideally, your accountant should have experience with investors from your home country who have relocated to the US.

Permanent US Residence and EB5 Tax Adjustment

You will experience changes both in your estate tax rates and your income tax through EB5 tax adjustment. This will occur as soon as you become a permanent resident in the US, even if you still have conditions attached to your EB5 green card.
EB5 Tax AdjustmentIf you purchase a home in the US, you will be subject to local estate tax laws. However, your home country may have an estate tax treaty with the US, which may impact the amount you can be taxed on your estate by both nations after relocating.
Once you become a permanent resident, the US can also tax your international income, although the US may have a tax treaty with your home country. A tax treaty is a contract between governments which can dictate how your income is taxed. In this context, a tax treaty may indicate that, for example, if you obtain an EB5 green card to immigrate from Canada to the US and you are already paying income taxes in Canada, you don’t have a pay again in the US.

An accountant experienced with immigration tax can work with your immigration lawyer to navigate tax issues that arise when you relocate with an EB-5 investor green card.

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