EB5 Investor Level of Involvement

The EB5 investor visa program allows you to control your level of involvement with your investment. You may opt to invest in an existing company, a regional center, or start your own company, depending on your lifestyle and preferences.

EB-5 Investors with Limited Involvement

If you wish to make a passive investment, you can invest in an EB-5 regional center, which may require a role as minimal as involvement in forming policies. Your immigration attorney can help you determine whether this choice suits your intended lifestyle in America.
An EB5 investor who chooses a regional center is required by the Limited Partnership Act to become a limited partner. You will be required to assist in policy making and undertaking management tasks, as specified by the Unified Limited Partnership Act. However, you are likely to be able to maintain minimal involvement with the regional center, which will allow you to take advantage of your EB5 green card and advance your education, retire, work on another business, travel, and enjoy life in the US.EB5 Investor Level of Involvement

Hands-On EB-5 Investors

If you prefer a hands-on investment, opt for an EB-5 Alien Entrepreneur Investment visa, through which you can start your own business. Creating your own business can be riskier, more difficult, and more expensive than investing in a regional center, but will allow you to oversee daily operations and delegate as you desire. Keep in mind that your new business will still need to create 10 jobs for two years, and will require a one million dollar investment, or $500,000 if it is located in a TEA or a rural area.
An EB-5 investor who wishes to create a new business with limited involvement can limit participation to serving on the board, as a corporate officer, or as a limited partner of the company. Talk to your immigration lawyer to choose the type of EB-5 investment that is right for you.
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