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Corporate Immigration LawyersToday, more than ever, immigration is a necessary part of modern business, but handling everything that goes along with it is getting more complicated every month. We are here for you. Not only are we corporate immigration lawyers, but we are also licensed business lawyers. You can have all of our talents with a simple phone call: (619) 677-5727. Whether you are facing an I-9 audit, or  deciding whether to launch an H-1b campaign, we are here to help from a number of perspective.
We are businesspeople first, lawyers second, and that is what makes us so effective. Our corporate immigration lawyers ‘know’ Corporate Immigration Lawyersbusiness; our lead attorney has been a businessman since the age of 13 and studied Strategic Management at Harvard; he runs a law firm and 3 other companies. If you are involved in biotech, he has a degree in biochemistry and experimental genetics; he speaks your language. If, on the other hand, you are in the tech sector, one of his companies is heavily involved in e-commerce, and he is involved in SEO and direct response. Additionally, he is a member of the ERA (the biggest direct response i.e. infomercial [V/radio]organization on the planet).
Corporate Immigration Lawyers-Our first consultations are FREE; (619) 677-5727.
-If you require us to, we can fly a lawyer or a team to anywhere in the country or the planet.
-We authored and produced the first 6-hour video program that explains every single visa and Green Card, as well as tips, traps, and shortcuts to the world.
-We have 27 years’ experience in immigration and business law. We create complex cases for 80 law firms in the US under ‘their’ name; cases they bank their reputation on, because they know our research skills.
-We have very few books on immigration. We use Westlaw so that all of our cases are the most up-to-date available.

Call now, and in 10 minutes you will know why we are the country’s first choice when it comes to resolving complex problems…simply stated, We ‘get’ Business!

Corporate Immigration Lawyers

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